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Maintenance and servicing of bakery equipment

Company “Faro Service” offers full servicing and maintenance of bakery and confectionary machines and ovens.

Our main target is to ensure non-stop functioning of our customers’ productions. Modern machines, integrated approach in solving problems, precise organization of necessary operations at place, our knowledge and experience in this field allows us to ensure very good service in shortest terms.


Dispensing systems for adhesives, maintenance and servicing

Aim of company “Faro Service” is to provide to customers innovative technologies of the highest quality.

Quality of Valco Melton machines combined with our knowledge of adhesive dispensing technologies’ market, allows us to find the most suitable and best solutions for business of our customers.

“Faro Service” offers equipment for hot-melt adhesives, starting with portative low capacity dispensers, and up to high capacity devices to be installed on high speed production lines.

Valco Melton devices have worldwide popularity at engineering, automobiles, polygraphy, container, envelope, electronics, food and beverage, wood processing, medicine, metal processing, textile, packaging, semiconductor and other production sites.

Valco Melton is one of the world’s leading producers of high precision dispensing devices for adhesives, sealants and coatings on various materials and industrial products at production processes, therefore helping to achieve the best, highly efficient and environment friendly results to customers.

For each process of the production individual system gets assembled by taking into account the product and its environment. Valco Melton- worldwide known equipment of professional quality and service.

Service center

Company “Faro Service” installs and services all devices, that are included in “Faro Group” offer of machines and equipment, and is the first Company in Latvia, which offers full service management, maintenance and updating of production machines and equipment for corporate customers, ensuring the most complete range of services. All services may be applied as to current machines, as to new ones.

Our technicians provide all kinds of installation and mounting, guaranty and after guaranty servicing.

Good quality service – the key to long lasting operation of devices.

At our service center all our customers may find answers of qualified professionals to all machinery related questions.


Spare parts

We ensure deliveries and installations of ordered spare parts, will provide servicing at your production site.