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Adhesives for furniture industry

For furniture production purpose we can offer full range of for:

-          edge banding for all kinds of machines

-          wood veneering (for hot, cold and vacuum press)

-          plywood and solid wood bonding

-          other furniture industry segments

Assortment of adhesives for this segment consists of thermo adhesives (hot melt adhesives in granules), water based dispersions (PVA), powder resins for cold presses and polyurethane (PUR or “foam”) adhesives.

Adhesives are available in 25kg bags, 30kg pails and 1000kg IBC containers.

Range of adhesives for furniture industry by Henkel combines such brands as Technomelt, Dorus, Macroplast and Instaweld- whichcombine several dozens of different adhesive types.

We kindly ask you to contact our specialists in order to find the best technical solution for your individual production’s purpose.