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Faro Group has been created as a logical result of successful business activities.

At the end of the 90-s the first Faro Group company "Faro IG" commenced its work representing "adhesives for food and nonfood production.

Essential elements of integration of industrial adhesives into production process are application systems for adhesives. Trading of this equipment was launched by founding "Faro Packing" company.

             IMG 5110-3 

Relations established with our customers during the years of long-term cooperation and principles of activities of the company allowed us to develop professionally the selection of solutions being offered by completing it with packaging and food manufacturing equipment necessary for our customers.

In the course of development of trading process "Faro Serviss" company was founded to provide customers with professional guarantee and post-guarantee service in compliance with the requirements of the world's leading manufacturers of professional equipment.

                               Serviss 24 h / day
                                  7 days / week
                                365 days / year